nut ‘n honey

That’s what’s going on around here. I’m only updating because I’ve been pretty regular about keeping this thing going, but lately, I really have not much stuff to say. Same stuff. Busy mornings, kids off to school. Everyone’s doing great. Sniffles in the house. Three of them. Four if you count the husband, but, hey, I can’t cure everyone, right? Just praying that I don’t get it. Everyone has been pretty healthy ’til this week. Kinda snuck up on me. I was planning to have a scrapbook night with the ladies and then sniff sniff sneeze sneeze cough cough I was all of a sudden under attack. So, maybe next week?

In other news, Halloween costumes are in the house. I have two lions and a princess. So totally sweet. So, here’s to good health and the drying up of the noses. And now back to my coffee…Happy Saturday!


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