proud as punch

So proud am I of this little boy.
Off to his first day of school without a hitch. He was happy to go. The teacher’s said he walked around the room like he owned the place. He’s one of the veteran kids this year, there’s some newbies in the class. I’m so happy that he’s comfortable there, in a place where people really get him. And that’s not all, he also did this:
Came home on the bus like a big kid. So brave. He looked at me like, “Yeah, Mom, I got this, no biggie.” A little tired, but all in one piece. Good, good stuff.


One thought on “proud as punch

  1. He is a big boy! Look at him… he’s just beautiful. I’m so happy to hear how much he loves his school. You’ve made such good choices for him, and it shows!

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