this is it.

The last weekend before school starts. Scrambling for those last, lingering school supplies. Gotta buy some socks for my boy, and check M.’s feet to see if her socks still fit. Couple more outfits for the girl. Play-doh. I’m excited for them. I hope they’re excited too. And how’s this for cool. C’s bus driver came to our house yesterday. On the bus. And parked it in our driveway. He wanted to meet C. and let him see the bus, and give us his safety harness, which I have to send in his backpack everyday. He got on the bus, checked things out. Seemed pretty intrigued. Except for the noise. We’ll just see how it goes.

Big and Little kids have colds now. Little guy was sniffling and waking me up all night long. Think he has a little temp. too. But still in an okay mood, considering. So, that’s it.

And before I go…JEN WILL YOU PLEASE UPDATE YOUR BLOG!!! If I see those layouts one more time…

And that is all.


One thought on “this is it.

  1. Very cool bus driver! In bet C will love his ride home from school! I think DD caught the sniffles through the phone?!? We have a lot of sneezing going on here! And yes, your S is completely adorable!!!!
    The school year will be great!!

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