he knows what to say and when to say it

So my middle guy has some speech/language issues, among others. He has some trouble putting sentences together, he has problems with social language. Without getting too technical, I have to prompt him to say things most of the time, and he repeats alot of stuff. So, today when he saw I was getting frustrated because he refused to eat dinner, he says, “wanna give mama kiss?” So of course, I said “Okay, give mama kiss!” Sneaky thing. He did it twice today. Twice when I was frustrated and was just starting to raise my voice. “Wanna give mama kiss?” What else could I do? I gave him lots of kisses. Big, proud mama kisses.

Oh, yeah, and will somebody please comment on the cuteness of my youngest child? How can you possibly resist? I have no comments on the post below. Unless you are all just so blown away by the cuteness, your fingers just can’t possibly type the words to describe his awesomeness.


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