What, now it’s August?

What the heck happened? I’ve got three weeks to get my kiddos ready for school. Three weeks to prepare myself to get my boy on a school bus. Three weeks to shop for that mega list of school supplies for each child that I put…where did I put those lists? Three weeks, people. THREE WEEKS. That’s like, tomorrow in mama time. It takes me three weeks to make a list, much less shop for everything that’s on one. And my head is a-spinning.

I need to start working out. I said I was gonna do it as soon as the kids go back to school. (remember, that’s in three weeks?) Maybe that will give me some more energy. Make my brain work better. I’m in a slump. A post-too many birthday parties slump. Seriously. I’m just dragging. It’s not for lack of sleep. I think the baby’s sleeping better. We’re now at the point where I’m barely awake and he latches on and we’re both back to sleep in seconds. So, I think the sleep is somewhat better. Getting him to sleep takes a while, but once that happens it’s not so bad. I’m just feeling really slow and low down. Have you read that Dr. Seuss book, My Many Colored Days? I feel like the purple dinosaur. Don’t know why.

Oh, and just so everyone knows, I am NOT the Scrapbooker of the Year. Not even close. It’s okay, the calls came and went and I didn’t even know they were happening, so I must not have been too worried. But I thought everyone should know in case they were on pins and needles. But, now the mag has my stuff, and maybe someday they’ll have an empty space to fill, and someone will trip over my so-called portfolio and say, hey, just put this in there and then I’ll be rich and famous like my friend Jen.

Back to being purple.


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