late night

Up late, getting ready for the big family bday party for M. Driving myself crazy as usual. House is never clean enough for company. To me, anyway. Wrapping presents, making yummy stuff, checking my list, and checking it again. Why do I drive myself batty? Once people start ringing the doorbell everything flies out the window anyway. As long as they have food and a cold drink they’re happy. Really, when I go to other people’s homes, I don’t inspect the corners for dust bunnies. No, really. I just want things to be nice and comfy. I’m no Martha Stewart, nor do I ever aspire to be. (okay, maybe just a bit) But when I think about it, I just really love to see the smile on M’s face when people start showing up for her party. She can’t contain herself as they walk through the door with presents in hand. She’s getting so big. And so darn smart it scares me. So, I’ve cleared out some of the toys to get ready for the new stuff coming tomorrow, and next week is the big, fun kiddie party. More stuff. But I don’t have to cook or clean for that one. Oh, but I’m sure I’ll find something to stress out about. Like those darn goody bags…

ta for now.


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