And now she wants a dog…

M. spent the afternoon at my friend Jen’s yesterday (see left, I still can’t add a link.). She spent about 2 hours playing fetch with little dog George. She had the best time, ever. So, in the van on the way home she says, “Um, Mama, can we get a dog, like, tomorrow, or this weekend, or something?” I say, “um, no sweetie.” Are you freaking kidding me? Like I don’t have enough human stuff to clean up now. Not that I’m totally aversive to dogs. We had one almost my whole time growing up. My parents have one. Dh had one. We will get a dog, someday. When my little guy is older, when my kids all use the toilet. But not today, not tomorow, and certainly not this weekend. The plan has always been, when she’s 12, we will get a puppy. So, I reminded her, gently, that we’re not ready just yet. So then she said, “well, then can George come over to our house to play?”

No offense, Jen, but, um, not today.


One thought on “And now she wants a dog…

  1. Great! I’ll drop him off in half an hour!
    To my credit, I did talk to her about getting a dog. I knew she’d want one after playing with George. I asked her if she wanted one, and she said yes, so I told her that dogs are fun, but a lot of work because they pee and poo on the floor sometimes, and they need lots of attention, and they aren’t good for families with babies like hers. I said I bet her family could get a dog when her little brothers were bigger.
    Sorry. You had to know that was going to happen! It’s funny though, she was very specific in asking what breed he is…

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