A really special day

So, our plans for the 4th usually involve us going off to visit family, where we eat a bunch and see a great fireworks show in the backyard. Every year, since we’ve lived here, that’s what we’ve done. DD has gotten used to this. It’s what she expects. This year, said family members took it upon themselves to make other plans. So, we were on our own. DD was very upset, nowhere to visit, no one is coming over, where will we see the fireworks?. I told her we’d figure something out. So, dh took her and middle ds bowling with some friends, they came home, we had our burgers and dogs, and the boys went to bed. “What about the fireworks?” Well, it’s too late to go to the neighborhood displays, the boys are in bed, they’ll be really crowded. Let’s go look outside. Wowza. In the 6 years we’ve lived here we’ve never stayed home on the 4th. From now on, we will. Fireworks in all directions. We could just sit in the driveway and look all ’round and get our fill. Not the spectacular ones like on t.v., but still pretty darn good if you ask me. She was thrilled. So excited. Then we found out we could hang out in her bedroom, open the blinds and there they were, more fireworks! Beautiful. I couldn’t have planned it better if I tried. So cool. “This was a really special day, Mama,” I was told.

Anything for you, sweetie.


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