Summer is here

It’s official, and how do we know this? We made our first trip to the zoo. Got there at 9:30, right at opening time. Great parking spot, right up front. We spent three hours there and we saw elephants, hippos, rhinoceroses…what’s the plural for a rhinocerous? some really cute sea otters and…and…I think that was it. In three hours. THREE HOURS. Well, dd did go into the gorillla house with my mom while I waited outside with the boys, that killed about 20 minutes. And then there was lunch, about a half an hour, and the customary stop at the gift shop so grandma can drop a cool fifty bucks on stuff for the kids. Another 20 minutes. So what’s left? About an hour and 50 minutes. Oh and we did see some sort of hissing African cockroach or something like that.

But, that’s how we usually start our summer. With a trip to the zoo, rediscovering all that we missed from last summer. Our packed lunches with pb & j sandwiches and goldfish crackers, in the stroller, out of the stroller, in the stroller, out of the stroller. The smell of sunscreen, spf 50. Lots and lots of hand sanitizer. Birds, butterflies, bears and the sleepy old lion. DS got such a kick out of things this time. He was so looking forward to going. All day yesterday he said, “Tomorrow we’re going a zoo.” It makes them so happy. And it was baby’s first trip. He didn’t see much, though. He was just happy being outside, napping on the go. Good times.

Took some pictures with my new camera but I’m too exhausted to get them up now. Just picture happy kids and animals. Got it?


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