this little girl…


is no longer a kindergartener.

Yup, it’s over. Yesterday was her last day of kindergarten. It’s so sad, really. I went in to take a picture of her with her teacher yesterday. I would post it but I don’t know if Mrs. H. wants a picture of her floating around cyberspace. Anyway, the walls were bare, no behavior chart was up, no litle butterflies with the kids names on them, no art in the hallways. I can’t believe it’s over. I feel like I just posted about her getting on the bus. First grade is looming. Time for lunchboxes and homework. Big kid stuff. I’m not worried about her. She’s amazing. It just makes me see how fast time is going. I still see flashes of her baby face sometimes, but mostly I see her beautiful, big girl face. I do love talking to the big girl. She’s funny, she’s insightful, she’s pretty cool. But I miss the baby. And I have to do this two more times.


One thought on “this little girl…

  1. Nope, you GET to do this two more times. They are heaven as babies, all cuddley and soft and needy. But isn’t it even more fun watching them grow into people? They are incredible… but yeah, I remember her as a little bundle, sleeping every Tuesday through lunchtime, with lots of fluffy hair sticking up.
    BTW, she looks just like C in this photo- do you see it? And great color- the WB is perfect on this one.

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