baby einstein is a genius

what works wonders to keep a 5 month old busy so mama can blog? and sometimes works for a 3 year old and occasionally an almost 6 year old? baby Einstein. baby Mozart, specifically. something about that little dragon who sticks out his tongue and says “blah.” cracks them up every time. I can actually get a couple of things done here and there when that thing is on. but do I use my time wisely? no. almost never. I blog, I grab a bite to eat. I obsess about the ongoing disaster that is my house. do I actually use this time as I should. nope. sometimes mama just needs to veg with a cuppa coffee.

oh, but look how cute…


and isn’t it supposed to make them smarter or something? anything I can do to help the process along…

two more days of school and that’s it. I don’t even think Einstein can help me with this one.


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