sicky sicky poo poo

That about describes my house this weekend. Three sickies. Husband and two kiddos. Luckily I’ve been spared and so has my middle child. So far. Nothing earth shattering, thankfully. Husband’s off to work today, hopefully feeling better. I don’t really know. I was too exhausted to even ask when he poked my shoulder and said “bye” this morning. So, we have an extended spring break. No one went to school today. Just as well. If you’ve seen the weather report, you know. It’s just plain nasty out there. So. Anyway. Oh and by the way, my two best friends spent their weekend at CKU-A here in Chicago. Having fun. Not sick. Hope they brought me back some goodies. Or at least some great stories. I’m sure it was a blast and they were thinking about me and missing me the whole time. Riiight.
How’s that for a pitiful post. And it’s only Monday. It’s gotta get better, right? Uh, huh.


One thought on “sicky sicky poo poo

  1. We were thinking about you, as a matter of fact! The only thing that could have made it better is if you were there!
    Look on CZ’s blog- I am visible to the right of center, holding up a small sign that reads, “Hi Debbie!” but the pic is mirror image so it looks like ih eiddeD. She said hi, and I have your book!
    John is sick, too- icky hacky cough but he’s still feeling chipper. Rest of us ok. talk to you soon!

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