No school today! For anyone. In my house. All 3 kids. Together. All day. With me.

Remember when I was so mopey about ds #1 going off to his all day, 5 day a week preschool? Okay, now you can laugh your head off. Don’t get me wrong, I do miss him terribly, and I feel sad sometimes dropping him off. But he does like it, I know he’s happy and with good people who care about him. So, now, I’m scared. About spring break. That’s one whole week. What am I supposed to do with three kids? I can’t even be sure what the weather will be like, so I can’t say we’ll go out. And don’t get me started on SUMMER VACATION!!

Okay, seriously. I know I don’t have it that bad. My kids are actually really pretty good. I shouldn’t complain. And, after all, I now have my “mom of 3 kids really super cool laid back chick” attitude. So I’m sure everything will work out just fine. Because really, all it really is is a “mom of 3 kids what else can I do but let things happen the way they will because I have no control over anything” attitude.

So, enough complaining. Here’s a cute pic of my little guy who is growing like a weed.


Oh yeah, and guess what? There’s no school on Monday, either.


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