Bump, bump, bump

That’s the way things have been going around here lately. Little bumps. Thankfully no big ones, and I’m not asking for any either. Two trips to the hospital, one set of x-rays, one CT scan, lots of needles. All for me. But, so far everything is okay. And that is something to be thankful for. So for all of you that I complained to before, I’m officially done. I’m not complaining. Okay, so maybe a few complaints will slip out here and there, I mean, nobody’s perfect. But, I know I’ve got it good. Everyone’s healthy. Healthy enough. No big bad stuff going on. And, DH got a great new job. And look at this…


My big boy started school. All day, every day. I miss him much. And he LOVES it. Teachers say he’s doing great. He goes in smiling and comes out smiling. All from day one. It’s hectic in the morning, but what’s a mama to do, right? Again, so thankful. Oh, and also, there’s this…224_2404_r1

It doesn’t get better. Still, let’s hope we’re through all the bumps now.


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