I don’t even know what to say

Its been over three weeks since my last post. Lots and lots has happened. First and foremost, I have a new baby boy living in my home. He is as cute as you can possibly imagine. Here’s a peek…222_2291
Okay, he’s a little camera shy. I guess he knew what a psycho camera mom he had coming into the world. Here’s a more recent picture…223_2372_r1

This little boy basically lives to eat, and sleeps on my chest most of the time. Yes, I have two other children. They are, thankfully, the most patient children on the planet. Words cannot describe how unbelieveably blessed I feel. Three weeks in, and the baby is starting to calm down and actually take a breath between feedings. We are starting to settle in. Just in time, too, ’cause my other baby boy, now 3 years old, is starting his new preschool program a week from today. I have fretted over this more than I can even explain. He’s entering an Intensive Language program, through our district’s special ed department. He’ll be going 5 days a week, from 8:30 til 2:00. I can’t imagine being away from him that much. He’s been my little partner day in and out, since his sister started school. But I know it’s good for him, and truth is, with the new baby here, we don’t do much but eat and watch TV. And that can’t be good for him. So, I’m praying that he absolutely loves his school and all will be good.

So, needless to say, lots of new stuff this new year. It’s an adjustment for all of us. A good one. A happy one. So Happy New Year to the three of you who read this. And tell all your friends to check me out and look at my new baby boy.


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