so much to do…

So little time, energy, money… you name it. But, the tree is up.221_2194_r1

We bought a new one this year. One with the lights on it already. Saved me so much time. ‘Cause y’all know I am the one who puts the lights on it and fusses with them for a week before they’re perfect. Now, they come out of the box perfect. What a fabulous invention. Anyway, the tree went up right before Thanksgiving, and it is now decorated beyond what is in the pictures. Presents are bought, waiting to be inventoried ( I have no idea what I bought or how much I’ve spent) and wrapped. I bought myself a new robe and pajamas for my upcoming hospital stay. Oh yeah, have I mentioned I’m having a baby in three weeks or less? Yeah, that’s why I’m busy. I still have a bunch of stuff to do. Dig out and wash baby clothes so the infant can leave the hospital in something more than a t-shirt and diaper. Actually pack a bag before I go into labor. That would be nice. I’m technically scheduled for a c-section but that doesn’t really matter, ’cause I feel like an alien could pop from my stomach at any moment. I think I got me a big baby this time.

So, today was a big field trip with the Girl Scouts. Three of our Daisies, myself and my co-leader headed off on a train ride on the “Polar Express.” The girls got to wear their pajamas, Santa was on the train and they had snacks. I have to say, the girls thought it was fabulous. Me, not so much. If you ever have the chance to ride a commuter train while 9 months pregnant, just say no. I forgot about all the bouncing. And for those of you who have had a 9 month pregnant belly, let’s just say, it doesn’t exactly bounce with you. But, it’s done now. We survived. Now I’m home enjoying my tea and the train is off to the North Pole, or whatever.

Still have lots to do. Lots and lots. Did I mention I have a lot to do? But, the tree is up.


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