thankful just doesn’t cut it…

The day before Thanksgiving, as I sit and contemplate whether I should make this list, it all comes like a wave flooding my brain. Thankful is just not strong enough a word. I just can’t think of a word to describe how I feel, so I’ll just use the good old standby.

I am thankful that aside from a few sniffles and sneezes, my children are healthy and safe, as are dh and myself.

I am thankful that our creaky, drafty house is ours, messes and all. That we have a warm (enough) place to lay our heads at night and wake up in each day.

I am thankful that dh lost his job 3 1/2 months ago, because it has shown us both how to really work together as parents and as a married couple. It has taught him more about our children, who they are and what they need and how to give it to them.

I am thankful for our family and friends who have offered all kinds of support during the time he has been unemployed.

I am thankful for the every single word that ds says to me each day, and that it is getting easier for him to be understood by others.

I am thankful that dd loves school and learning, is making friends and has a wonderful, caring teacher that watches over her for the 2 1/2 hours she is away from me. Also, thankful for the bus drivers to safely bring her to and from school each day.

Okay, and this is a big one. I am thankful that this big beautiful baby boy in my belly has made it all the way to 35 weeks. We’re getting close to the finish line, and I have been reluctant to blog about it at all. I’m not sure why. But we’re talking about thankfulness, here, and I can’t not say how thankful I am that so far we are both doing great. We have 4 weeks before we add this child to our family. I pray that we all get through this as easily as possible, and we both make it home safely with tons to look forward to.

So, I’m sure that when I save this post I will think of lots more stuff I could have said, because Lord knows I have tons and tons to be thankful for. More than words can express. So, I hope everyone has a wonderful, blessed Thanksgiving. I will be at my parent’s house, trying to fit in as much food as my totally squished stomach will let me, and I will be thankful for that as well.


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