message for jen

Please please please update your blog. I know I don’t do it regularly, but I check your blog almost every day and I really want to see something new. Pictures, a quick note about how it’s going. SOMETHING, PLEASE!!!!! Does this sound selfish? Maybe. But things have been really busy for all of us lately and we haven’t had our daily, almost dinner-time chats over whether or not to have a cup of coffee and what we’re making for dinner. So, I check in mostly at night to see what’s going on. Hoping, that maybe today will be the day. I’ll update if you update.


3 thoughts on “message for jen

  1. I’d love to see an update, too. I don’t have a blog, but I look forward to reading both Jen’s and Debbie’s blogs to see fun pix and hear about what’s going on!

  2. Ahhh, finally, I missed reading about you and your family. (I must admit, I feel like a peeping “mom”.) Please…keep em coming!

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