well, I’m back…

And, from the looks of things, nobody noticed I was gone.  The computer is finally working again, and it’s a good thing because DH was driving me INSANE.  He’s so addicted that he really just needs to touch a computer keyboard on a daily basis or he feels out of touch.  So, when the comcast man left yesterday after redoing both our computers, I thanked him for saving my marriage. 

Anyway, nothing much has happened in the past few weeks.  Has it been that long?  I don’t know.  But I have to say I only missed the computer a little.  Like when people gave me web links for things that might be interesting or when someone asked for my e-mail.  Otherwise it was really not that big of a deal.  It’s really nice to know that the world will not end if I have no internet access.  (If you ask dh, he’ll give you a different take on things, however)

On the Mommy front, I’ve been busy as a bee.  We started our Daisy Scout meetings, planning the kindergarten Halloween party and I volunteered to be an art mom in dd’s class for October and November.  So, it’s been busy.  But that’s what I wanted, right?  This was the stuff I was excited about.  I’m still excited, just tired, that’s all.  I got a chance to volunteer in dd’s class last Friday and it was really nice to get to match names with the faces of the children she’s been talking about.  And to see that she really does seem comfortable in the class, and has friends.  And her teacher said she is doing "Awesome."  That is really nice to hear. 

So, I’m back, in case anyone wanted to visit…


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