ugh, computer problems

Long story short, I will be without access to my computer for a few days.  Hopefully not that long.  In the meantime, here’s an update:

219_1917_r1 219_1925_r1

Kindergarten is going well.  DD loves getting on the school bus, I can’t stand it.  Every day I wave goodbye to that bus with a lump in my throat.  But she thinks it’s the best thing, and luckily it’s a short trip.  I miss the daily contact I had during preschool.  Walking her to her classroom and picking her up at the door, talking to the teacher every day.  If I tried that with the Kindergarten teacher she’d think  I was psycho.  She’d probably be right.  But I can’ t help it.  She’s my baby girl, my one and only baby girl.  She’s growing up so fast I just can’t stand it.  So, I’ve volunteered for everything under the sun at her school, so I can get my butt in the door as much as possible.  I was wondering when things would get started, and then boom! I’m busy for the next two weeks.  Cool, though, I need to see who these other kids are.  I can’t stand not connecting a face with a name.

DS is finally starting to adjust to his new schedule, too.  Kindergarten has everyone a bit shaken up, I guess.  He has class in the afternoon now, two days a week, so they are long days for  him.  But I think he’s getting used to it.  I said, I think.  We’ll see.

Still no job for DH, but we’re doing okay.  That’s all we can ask for, right?  Got some leads, keeping busy.  Nice to have him home.  We’ll be fine.  Just in case you were worried.  All 3 of you. 

So, not that I am sooo popular that you all will miss me, but just so you know I probably won’t be updating for a bit.  But that’ s not unusual anyway, so who am I kidding, acting like a big shot famous blogger.  Anyway, in the words of the famous California governator, 

I’ll be back.


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