Just say hello…

My visitor stats are low, way low.  I know that not many people read my humble blog, I don’t have anything world-changing to say, no deep thoughts that  will change peoples lives or their perspectives, but I know that there are a few of you out there.  Please say hello if you stop by.  You don’t even have to comment if you don’t want to.  I just want to know who you are.   

Last week, we had a group of boys play ding dong ditch at our house.  You know, where they ring the doorbell and run like mad.  Drove my husband crazy.  Someday he’ll be that crazy old man who chases the kids down the block with a fist in the air.  I told him to forget about it, he did it when he was a kid, it’s nothing personal.  But I started thinking, when I see my visitor stats and I have no comments, I kinda feel like I’ve been ding dong ditched.  I’m probably as crazy as my husband, right.  I mean, after all, the purpose of this blog is not to get attention from strangers.  If it was I would just make up crazy stuff every day so people would tell their friends, "you gotta check out this weird chick’s blog."  The purpose of it is for me to write down my thoughts about whatever, record things that happen to me and my family.  This is something I’ve struggled to do since I was younger.  I’ve always started journals, even had those really cute diaries with locks on them when I was a kid, but I never kept up with them.  I would be really enthusiastic about them at first, and then forget about them.  Something about this keeps me writing.  Not as often as I’d like, but with much more regularity than ever before.  It’s actually lasted much longer than I thought it would. 

Okay, I’ve been guilty myself.  I stalk lots of blogs and go without commenting.  But I’m gonna start saying hello.  I won’t ring your doorbell and run.  So if  you see me, just wave back. 


9 thoughts on “Just say hello…

  1. I’ve got teenagers. Last year they got in BIG TROUBLE for doorbell ditching. So this entry made me laugh. About that stats thing – it’s normal to want to see if anyone is reading these things or not. Don’t worry your pretty little head about it. Your blog is wonderful.

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