It’s been a big week…

I haven’t updated in two weeks, been meaning to all week.  I’m sure my 3 readers have been waiting with baited breath…

Anyway, first let me say, that I just don’t know what to say about Katrina.  Just so sad, I have no words.   I’m just very sad and very, very sorry.  Prayers are out to all.  If there is anything you can do, please do it.

DD started Kindergarten on Tuesday.  This was huge in our house.  My baby girl is off to school five days a week.  I have been meaning to post pics, but this week has just been crazy.  Aside from the whole Kindergarten story, which I will post later, DS also started his new therapy schedule.  And he has a cold and hasn’t napped all week.  Everybody’s tired in this house.  DH has finally started his job search after a one-month, much needed vacation.  Time to get serious.   

I am in serious need of a professional organizer.  I have a desperate need to clean and organize this entire house, but my time and energy are limited.  Alas, so are my funds, so there will be no professional involved.  One day at a time, my friends, that’s all I can say.    Fall is kind of my wake up time of the year.  I love it and always have.  Love the school supplies, new clothes and shoes, cooler mornings and evenings.  I love the newness of it all.  Lots of new stuff happening now.  Can’t wait for Halloween and crisp leaves and pumpkins and long sleeves and sweaters.  It’s all good stuff.

I have much more to talk about, just not enough time.  Gotta go meet DD’s school bus.  Later, taters.


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