weekend stuff

We had a busy weekend…

Friday night was ladies’ night.  Went to dinner with the girls and then off to see a musical starring my friend Leslie’s hubby.  Lots of fun, really great show.  We don’t do that kinda stuff much, usually it’s off to someone’s house to scrapbook or eat and pretend to play Bunco.  This was a nice change. 

Saturday, first kid stuff then to my parents house for their annual block party.  It rained half the day but then it stopped and really cooled off.  The kids had fun, I was exhausted. 

Sunday, we decided on a last minute trip to the zoo.  It was later in the day than we usually go, and crowded, and I thought dh would hate it but he actually had a good time.  The kids had fun, of course, and the weather was good.  These kids could go to the zoo every day and not get tired of it.  A memebership is well worth it.  Then out to dinner, Target for supplies and home for baths and bedtime. 

This was a busy weekend, yes, but not busy in the usual way.  One of the benefits of having hubby home.  He didn’t have his stressed out, "I have to get ready for work on Monday," expressions on his face.  He didn’t worry about what time it was, he just had fun.  He mentioned that he hasn’t gotten much done at home that he wanted to, but he recognizes that the kids need to do stuff and it was actually nice to just do stuff with them for a change.  Laundry will still be there when we get home.  It will always be there.  It’ll get done, sometime.   This stuff is much more important.


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