one proud mama

It’s nothing that anyone else on this earth would think is spectacular.  My baby boy is in this developmental playgroup that meets twice a week.  The first two weeks were awful,  he cried and cried and so did I.  Then all of a sudden he walked in like he’d been going forever.  But still, he was pretty quiet, still settling in.  The past couple of weeks he’s been starting some trouble.  Nothing serious, just getting some giggles by making silly noises at the table, tapping the other kids’ stuff, basically just playing around and pushing some buttons.   For a kid that basically is pretty laid back and just watches everyone else, this was a big deal.  The teacher thought it was pretty cool, too, but of course, had to remain serious and explain (haha) to the boy that we have to pay attention at the table and there is no touching.  Anyway, today his teacher walked him out of the classroom and said  he talked more today than he ever did.  He answered a bunch of questions, did two puzzles  with very little help and really seemed to listen.  I saw the whole thing happen.  And then, later when his occupational therapist was here he sat and did this really complicated shape sorter thing and focused for longer than he ever has with her.  These might not be huge accomplishments for your typical 2 1/2 year old, but for my boy it was fabulous.  He has been a bit behind the other kids, especially in speech, for a while, but he’s coming along.  I know I probably expect alot from him.  I worry all the time, for his future.  I can’ t help it,  people who know me know it’s just who I am.  Today, though, I saw the spark.  Things are starting to click.  I’m one proud and happy mama. 


One thought on “one proud mama

  1. You’re wrong, I think it’s spectacular. That boy is coming into his own- he’s going to shine just like M does. They all shine with different colors, you see. I’m learning that too!

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