Happy Sunday

You know how sometimes you have a happy day?  Don’t know why, just happy.  It’s just a regular Sunday, humdrum stuff around the house.  But for some particular reason, I don’t mind picking up the laundry and toys and cleaning the kitchen table for the 10th time today.  It feels good being a Mom today.  It’s hotter than hot outside, M’s friend is coming over to play later.  The kids have been up (me and dh too) since 6:00 am.  Dh is doing some outside chores.  I’m doing some inside ones.  Dressed like a bum.  I have no makeup on my face.  But I have taken a shower (yay, me!).  But somehow, today, none of it bugs me.  At least for now.  I’m thankful for now.  I need to remember now more often.


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