what a day

So, we decided to take the kids to see Madagascar, the new animated kids flick.  It was a risk, ’cause C. usually doesn’t like really loud noises.  Last time we tried a movie we had to take turns walking him around outside.  But it worked.  At first he cried a bit because it was kind of loud.   But I sat him down on the booster with his bag of precious goldfish and he calmed right down and actually sat through this 86 minute long movie.  He even laughed at a few parts.  Okay, there were some antsy moments, he wanted to stand up and look behind him, but we worked through it.  Great job, buddy!  So then, off to an early dinner.  Where should we go?  M. suggessted Burger King, because they have Star Wars toys.  We griped but then thought, okay, what the heck.  So there we are in line, and we find out… no more Star Wars toys.  The tears overflowed.  I have to say, I almost cried myself.  She was so excited and then so let down.  So we decided we could go spend her graduation money-a whopping ten dollars-at Target after lunch and she could find a better toy.  So we ate a yummy lunch/dinner, and off to Target we went.  NO GOOD TOYS!!  We suggested that tomorrow we could head to Toys ‘R Us.  Then Daddy said, why don’t we just go now and get it over with.  Okay.  Parked at the toy store, out of the car headed towards the door…IT WAS CLOSED!!!   More tears, Mommy nearly lost it this time.  She was soooo crushed.  Boy I remember times like those.  We headed to another Target after much calming and finally hit the jackpot.  Obi-Wan and Darth Vader.  Woo Hoo!! Are we the best parents, or what?  Okay, exhausted, I must say.  But totally worth it.  We don’t usually indulge so much, but it was so built up in her head and in her heart we just couldn’t help it.   And she was so thankful afterwards.  Now all are happy, asleep, cozy and warm in their beds.  And Mommy is having a nice cuppa tea and playing computer.  What a day, I tell ya. 


2 thoughts on “what a day

  1. You are great parents, both of you! I think it’s very important to occasionally go to great lengths to put the kids’ desires first. A simple little toy can be very important to them, and showing that you care about what’s important to them teaches them that they are valuable members of your family.

  2. you and your DH both deserve the “mommy and daddy of the year” awards! I am sure your little ones will remember how much they are loved and how special they are for what you did today.

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