sick day

Nasty cold + slight fever = mama’s gotta figure out how to fill up the day.  Yesterday M. missed her art class and weekly trip to McDonald’s because of this, and today we’re skipping school.  What’s a mama to do.  Well, yesterday wasn’t so bad.  I got out the watercolors and we had our own little art class. M. is so into being an "artist" lately that she went right for it.  I decided to strap on a booster seat and let C. have at it too.  I was kinda wary, I mean, he’s usually not up for table work.  It’s something his therapists are always trying to work on and he’d much rather be moving around.  But chImg_5563eck it out…

And the coolest thing was, he actually got it.  After I showed him a few times, he started saying what colors he wanted and putting his brush on the colors before putting the brush to the paper.  For the average almost 2 1/2 year old this might not be a big deal but I was definitely impressed and sooo excited.  M. had a good time too.  She loves to paint and draw and is actually pretty good.  We spent a good part of the morning doing this and I ended up at my favorite store buying special watercolor paper so the colors would look better.

Img_5569The whole event wasn’t the disaster I thought it could be.  And I think the kids had a great time.  Later in the day, C. actually climbed up into that booster seat that he didn’t want to be in earlier and asked to paint again.  It was late, but I indulged.  After all, who am I to keep him from his need to create?  I might actually have a whole family of artists on my hands.  How beautiful is that?


3 thoughts on “sick day

  1. so nice you were able to turn a potentially bummer day into a fun one. hope your kiddos are feeling better. g caught a cold yesterday. the cold fronts get him every time. 😀

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