somewhere, beyond the sea

154_5469_5 This is my boy, who is absolutely crazy, madly in love with the movie Finding Nemo.  He would watch it non-stop, if I let him.  Those who know him know that he’s not much of a talker, but when this movie is on he goes nuts.  He recites lines from the movie, he comes and tells me "oh, no!" when Nemo is in trouble.  He is in heaven when this is on.  Now, I could take advantage and play it over and over when I need to get some stuff done.  But, usually I end up sitting and watching most of it with him.  Okay, I do use it during my crazy time (make something to eat and hurry up and clean before R. gets home) between 5 and 6 p.m.  Sometimes, we just watch it for fun.  You’d think it would get old by now, but nope, not for him.  By the way, his favorite song right now is Beyond the Sea, which plays while the credits roll.  Anytime he gets moody or cranky, start singing this song and we get an instant smile.  I hope it’ll always be this easy to make him happy.


3 thoughts on “somewhere, beyond the sea

  1. so glad someone else gets “pulled in”. Gabriel’s into his Little People videos these days. and i often end up sitting and watching with him. before Little People it was Elmo and before Elmo, Veggie Tales. these are the only movies i’ve watched in a while. 🙂

  2. My Olivia, too!! It cracks me up to hear her tinuy little 3-year old voice say “Are you my conscience?” over and over again! ha! Darling!

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