what makes me happy?

my friend, Jen, issued this challenge…..

5 things that make me happy, in no particular order…


a cuppa something warm and yummy from Starbucks

a clean kitchen table

General Hospital

singing really loudly in my car, alone

of course, this doesn’t count my sweet, adorable children or husband, but they were obvious choices. 

Check out what makes other people happy here.


7 thoughts on “what makes me happy?

  1. Hello! I noticed you were feeling sad about the lack of comments on your blog…
    so here’s a few things that make me happy…
    pictures of my kids.
    Cute Jeans
    Good Music
    finishing a great layout!

  2. Love these lists of happy things…
    an empty sink, a good dance song, laughter from my kids, quiet time to scrapbook, and a Chai Tea Latte from Starbucks!
    Thanks for sharing your list!
    aka Mama2ABC from 2Ps

  3. Love your clean looking blog! So crisp! Okay…5 things that make me happy…
    My relationship with God.
    My family.
    A McDonald’s Coke!
    Time all to myself to scrapbook.
    My Nikon D70!
    Thanks for the fun list…and I had missed that “what makes me happy thread”…thanks for posting it!
    Teri 🙂

  4. This was such a fun challenge – today I can tell you that what will make me happy is an extra dose of caffeine from Starbucks!
    Adding you to my people list so I can check in more often!

  5. Saw on Peas you needed a little blog love. I love your blog. Your children are beautiful.
    Ok I will play the game:
    1)Hot chocolate with whipped cream
    2)Bazzill paper
    3)My family
    4)Cropping with friends
    5)A good book.
    Have a great day!
    Valerie3kids on Peas

  6. Oh love challenges… and they are a good way for us comment ho’s to get some 🙂
    1.ditto for singly loudly alone in my car
    2.finishing a project I’m totally proud of
    3.garage sale-ing with my best friends
    4.bubble baths with sparkling apple cider and a good book for no reason
    5.getting packages or cards in the mail

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