ladies night

I have a group of girlfriends that meets about once a month, not counting special occasions.  We met when are oldest children were infants, at a nursing mom’s group at our hospital.  Once our kids all turned about one, we sort of branched off and realized we could actually start getting together without the kids.  That’s how "bunco" started.  The quotes are there because we don’t always actually play bunco.  In fact, we hardly ever do.  We just hang and eat and talk and eat and laugh and eat and drink and, oh yeah, eat.  What do we talk about?  Kids, husbands, housecleaning, parents, life and what goes along with it.  Now some of us have second children, some working on a third.  We’ve been through all kinds of stuff, good and bad.  It’s a group of ladies I never even knew existed until before I became a mom.  But I can’t even imagine my life without them.  I have eight other women I can go to with questions about anything, mom stuff or just woman stuff, or even stupid stuff.  The kids get together to play now and then as well, but as they grow older and go to different schools it is usually around birthdays or summer picnics.  I hope they will always have the friendships that we have as their mothers.  I know there will always be a connection and I thank God for it.  Tonight’s the night, we’re meeting at Lisa R.’s house.  Getting ready to go always means a crazy night of getting the kids fed and ready for bed and getting myself ready and running around trying to get out of the house, but the chaos is totally worth it.  I don’t know if we’ll play bunco or not, and I don’t care.   Here’s to girls’ night out…


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