one more thing….

about friends.  I have two of the best.  Jen and Leslie, little shout out.  Madelyn had a little potty incident while at her art class today.  I, of course, was totally unprepared.  She was devasted, partly because of the accident and partly because it meant we’d be going home instead of to McDonald’s with the rest of the kids as we usually do.  I should state for the record that Madelyn almost NEVER has accidents anymore.  But every now and then… Anyway, Jen offered to run to the Walmart to buy her some dry clothes.  Then, turned out Leslie had some of her dd’s stuff in her car.  Problem solved.   We made it to McDonald’s.  It was a very "Happy Meal"  for all of us.  I will return the favor someday, ladies.  Thanks again for saving me from driving home with a wet, screaming child.  Thanks for letting Madelyn forget all about the accident and enjoy her lunch with her buds.  Thanks for being my friends. 


2 thoughts on “one more thing….

  1. its these little, seemingly miniscule moments that define our friendships. what a great reminder that kindness counts. when it comes to friends, its *all* about the little stuff, isnt it!

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