okay, last post for the night, I think

Ladies on 2Peas had a thread going referring to Tina B.’s signature essay.  I couldn’t resist jumping in….

My Signature:

Color: Right now this pretty almost emeraldy but softer green

Word I most like to be described as – smart

Best meal I cook – DH would say Pork Chops and Rice

Best Dessert – Brownies or Choc. Chip Cookies

Favorite Book- Little Women

Outfit – Jeans and Tshirt or Turtleneck if it’s cold outside

Bedtime – 11:00, unless I’m scrapping, then about 3 a.m.

Sound – the word "mama," my kids’ giggling, ocean waves

Wish – security

Style – simple

Word – cool

What I crave – less stress, the ability to let go of the unimportant things, good ideas

Surround me with – family, friends, yummy treats and a good cuppa something from Starbucks

That’s all, folks..


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