okay, here goes

Img_5554_copy This is it.  I jumped onto Ali E.’s bandwagon and took the challenge.  I’m not the best photographer, and it was really hard to do this by myself.  I think it was important, though.  You know how you picture yourself looking a certain way but then you see a picture of yourself and go, "whoa."  I guess I could have fixed myself up a bit, I had just come in from hanging with the kids for an hour at Sam’s where I was picking up some pics.  It has been a long, crazy morning so the hair and makeup, well, were pretty much gone. But that’s me.  Freckles and laugh lines and spots (as Madelyn likes to call them).  I’m not always happy with what I see.  Occasionally I have a good day.  But when I stop and think about what’s really important…I know my children think I’m beautiful.  Madelyn tells me often.  Christopher has this way of cupping my face into his tiny hands and staring into my eyes as if I’m the most important and beautiful being on the planet.  R. thinks I’m beautiful.  If he can stand to look at me at my worst and still tell me I’m pretty, I guess that proves it.  Do I think I’m beautiful?  Well, I wouldn’t go that far.  But I’m working on it.  Thanks, Ali. 


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